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Little Bit Sweet. 

Little Bit Sass. 

Lots of Swoon.

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Who hits on someone in the chemo room? Me, apparently. But, this was a first even for me. I don’t fall in love. I don’t pine over women. I planned on going to the grave a proud bachelor.

Until Lin...

She should have come with a warning label. She was feisty, distant and secretive. Too gorgeous by any standards. Too headstrong for my taste. Too much like me.

I ignored the warning signs and dove in headfirst. But despite our love, she was holding back. She had a secret that could be the end of her. And us.

I promised I would be there for her. Little did I know, life would hold me to that.

Would the love I have for her be enough to carry me through?

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Can two grieving souls move past loss and find redemption in love?

I wasn’t always this person. I was happy. I was successful. I loved my life. But after losing my husband and unborn child, I cloaked myself in unbearable grief and guilt that threatened to destroy me. Not even my family could reach me as I spiraled into despair hiding a secret I could never share. And then he walked into my life…

Nash Wilson had faced his own darkness and come through the other side. His strength gave me hope for a second chance at love. He didn’t want to fix me. He just wanted to love me. But he was hiding secrets of his own.

Secrets I might not be able to forgive.

Secrets that could either destroy us…
…or heal us.

But we’ll both have to let go of our pasts if there is any hope for a future together.

"The Loss Between Us" is a contemporary romance that proves the power of love can shine through life’s darkest hours.

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